Cherry Creek UTV Fest

Saddle up, partner, and get ready to transport yourself back in time to where the Wild West comes alive! Picture yourself in Young, Arizona, nestled snugly in the heart of Pleasant Valley, just a buckaroo's ride 120 miles northeast of bustling Phoenix. This hidden gem is like a time capsule of untouched beauty, a real-deal Wild West experience that'll make your heart race and your spirit soar.

Ever heard of the Graham and Tewksbury families? Well, they turned Pleasant Valley into a true battleground during the wild years of 1882-1887, igniting a family feud that escalated into a legendary range war. This ain't just history; it's living, breathing drama right from the pages of the past.

But hold onto your cowboy hats, because the adventure is far from over! UTV Offroad Adventures is throwing down the gauntlet with the Cherry Creek UTV Fest. Y'all better saddle up for a rip-roaring weekend of thrills and spills. This three-day extravaganza will have you cruising through some of the most jaw-dropping trails Arizona's got to offer, and don't you worry, it's all done up proper and safe.

Friday night, you'll be kickin' up dust on a 15-mile twilight ride that'll make your heart race. And don't let the sun set on your excitement, 'cause Saturday and Sunday are packed tighter than a sardine can with two separate rides each day, ranging from a solid 50 to a whopping 90 miles. But it ain't just about the ride; there's grub, camping under the stars, quick draw poker, raffles that'll have you shouting "Yeehaw!" and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

We've roped in entertainment for all you buckaroos, whether you're a young whippersnapper or an old-timer with UTV know-how. The trails will treat your eyes to vistas so breathtaking, you'd think Mother Nature herself hand-painted 'em. And if that ain't enough, critters big and small will be your trailside companions. Waterfalls, bridges, water crossings – it's all here, partner. This ain't just an adventure; it's a break from the digital hustle and bustle, a chance to live life like the pioneers.

So, you're holdin' your trusty mobile device, eh? Well, don't mosey around; hit that menu button up top for all the deets on the event, where to be, what to do, and how to hitch your wagon to this unforgettable experience. Don't let this chance for Wild West magic slip through your fingers, 'cause this is where history ain't just a tale; it's a rip-roaring, dust-kickin' reality!


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