Camping and Lodging Options for Your Comfort

Camping at Antlers Café & Bar (Dry Camping)

For those seeking the full immersion into the UTV adventure experience, camping at Antlers Café & Bar offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and soak in the thrill of the event. Nestled at:

46788 N Arizona Highway 288, Young, AZ 85554

this dry camping option ensures you're right at the heart of the action, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for off-roading and exploration.

Hotel Option: Pleasant Valley Inn

If you're looking for a more traditional lodging experience, the Pleasant Valley Inn provides a comfortable retreat after your day of UTV excitement. Located in Young, Arizona, the inn offers a limited number of rooms that provide a cozy and relaxing environment. To secure your spot, reach out to Marla at 928-462-3593 and reserve your room.

Embrace the Full Experience

Whether you prefer camping under the stars at Antlers Café & Bar or resting in the comfort of the Pleasant Valley Inn, your lodging choice adds another layer to your UTV adventure. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Young, Arizona, conquer the trails, and gather with fellow enthusiasts to share stories and experiences. The combination of rugged exploration and comfortable accommodations promises a truly unforgettable weekend.

For Mobile Devices: Access event details, location, itinerary, and registration through the Menu option at the top. Your choice of camping or lodging awaits – make your reservations and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.